OLH Special Needs Children’s Home

A registered nonprofit organization bringing quality education to physically disabled orphans and disadvantaged children in Beijing

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 Our Learning House is a small-scale school and a rehabilitation non-profit center since2011.It provides a safe and caring learning environment for disabled orphans and some children with difficult situations. With all-day learning activities, varied social field trips, rehabilitation, and psychological therapy services, our children are able to successfully integrate into society or new homes. The poor families have a normal social life.

our projects have been gradually expanding in order to help more children. From orphans in orphanages to de facto orphans in society, children in distress, to children left behind in distress in the remote mountains poor area.

All children deserve the opportunity to receive quality education. We support chidren with physical disabilities from local foster homes and orphanages as well as disadvantaged children by providing a full-time learning environment during their early years. At Our Learning House we help them acquire the knowledge, skills and capabilities that will enable them to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.

Since our founding in 2011, Our Learning House has had more than 100 children graduate, 70 of them have been adopted by foreign families and 16 have started elementary school. The other children have also successfully integrated into various special schools. Currently the school has 20 children from 2 years old to 8 years old and 10 professional and caring staff. Our team provides children with a professional, quality education that is full of love, helping each child achieve the maximum improvement in all aspects, so they can be adopted or successfully integrate into society.

How can you help?

Our Learning House is built upon love and generosity. Through the kind generosity of donors we have a small school bus to collect our children from their orphanages and the use of a rent-free facility for our community school. However, we still have an annual budget of 1M RMB to cover the remaining expenses to help our children to receive the high quality education, care and rehabilitation. Donations and support are warmly appreciated. Everyone can help!





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Our Team

It takes a dedicated, experienced team to provide quality care for 20 orphans, many of whom have special needs. Our Learning House has a team of 6 teachers in addition to 3 support staff who work tirelessly to care for the many needs of our children and help them find wonderful homes and families. Our Team is led by TangXia who has more than 15 years of experience working in the field of special needs education for orphanages in China.

Our Volunteers

We welcome volunteers, including families and students to support our community school.

For more information please contact us at:
Tel: 010-84302071
Phone: 13611262572

Address: Xiangjiang North Road, Liyuan Xiao Qu
Chaoyang District, Beijing